Disable Facebook Tracking of Your Online Activity

Did you know that many many many businesses share your online activity with Facebook and other BigTech firms? This includes your surfing of websites, your shopping data, your searches, your opening of apps etc.

Here is how you can manage and disable information-sharing, as best as you can for Facebook (similarly you can disable information sharing for other firms like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, etc.)

Either manually

a) Visit https://www.facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/activity_list . Here you will see a part of what businesses share with Facebook about you. If not shown, click on “Manage your off-Facebook activity”  on the right panel.

Unfortunately, the data on the Activity List is only a small part of all data Facebook receives from commercial partners.  Facebook states: “Activity that is not shown includes information that we’ve received when you’re not logged in to Facebook…details such as the item that you added to your shopping basket.”. Learn more https://www.facebook.com/help/fblite/2207256696182627  

b) Click on “Manage Future Activity” and “Clear History” on the right panel and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, Facebook makes it difficult for the user to change settings. One needs to manually click off and there are no direct links to the settings.

or automatically by

downloading the PAN app if you want one app to protect your privacy, incl. disable information-sharing with Facebook:  https://mypan.eu/beta-test/ (Note: The app is currently on beta, with official release in May 2021.)