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We never access or store your username and password. PAN's entire authentication process is done on your phone and our servers never see any authentication data.

The PAN app stores all of your personal data locally on your phone. By default, no personal data is stored on our servers, except your PAN account user name and email if you chose to register. Future releases of the PAN app will offer a data marketplace where users can decide to upload and sell their personal data on their terms (i.e. price, buyer, purpose). Uploading and selling personal data on the PAN marketplace will always require your explicit consent.

No, registration is optional. The PAN app is fully functional without registration. 

PAN is continuously expanding the range of apps and services it covers. Regular updates will be available on our website and to users who register in the PAN app.  Stay tuned!

We will start admitting alpha testers on the marketplace in the second half of 2021. The official launch of the marketplace is planned for early 2022.

We are looking for feedback and ideas to improve our app​

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